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Hand2Paw is an organization in Philadelphia that connects homeless youth and shelter animals in a mutually beneficial way.

Work Skills & Job Opportunities for Young Adults in Philadelphia

Hand2Paw teaches the rituals of the working world to teens that are transitioning into adult life. Learn More ›

Therapeutic Experiences for Youth and Abandoned Animals

Hand2Paw provides hope and comfort to animals and youth alike through mutually beneficial programs. Learn More ›

Empowering Kids to Treat Animals With Respect

Hand2Paw teaches youth to treat all animals as individuals and with the kindness they deserve. Learn More ›

Extra Care and Attention for Thousands of Shelter Animals

Hand2Paw has helped over 1,500 homeless animals receive the care, training, socialization, and love they deserve. Learn More ›

Help us Ensure a Brighter Future

Your support helps ensure a brighter future for young adults and shelter animals. Donate ›

About Hand2Paw

About Hand2Paw

Hand2Paw gives youth a chance to gain self worth and learn real skills, while simultaneously ensuring that homeless animals get more of the care and training they deserve.

Learn More ›

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