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Peace for Puppies attends Hand2Paw session

Hand2Paw was elated to welcome Peace for Puppies to our session last week, where they got to see the H2P kids and animals in action! We asked them if they’d guest write a blog about their experience.
Peace for Puppies is so grateful to Rachel Cohen and the Hand2Paw team for allowing us to come visit them at PAWS and see how the program works.  We met a few of the volunteers from Covenant House and watched them as they learned training techniques, bathing, medical check ups, giving medication, and of course, a whole lot of TLC!
What amazes Lizzie and I the most is that Rachel put this whole thing into motion.  For the teens who have lived in foster care without the constant love and guidance and for the animals who have not had love or safe homes, this is a natural and beautiful relationship.  It was a true honor to see it come together.
Everyone, human and animal, needs kindness and deserves a chance.  Thank you Rachel for giving them all this amazing opportunity to move forward in their lives.

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