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A 2 for 1 Program Close to Hand2Paw’s Heart

For those of you who appreciate Hand2Paw’s mission of putting two problems together to create a solution for both, you may enjoy reading about this new program with similar goals. San Francisco has come up with a unique two for one solution to address both panhandling on the streets and increasing numbers of animals being turned into its shelters as a result of the recession.  With government backing,  WOOF, Wonderful Opportunities for Occupants and Fidos, will pair residents in supportive housing who agree not to panhandle with adolescent puppies from shelters who are in need of more socialization in order to be permanently adopted.  The program also provides participants with weekly payments for fostering the puppies along with training in both animal care and job skills.

“We think it will be absolutely magic to give these individuals and these dogs a second chance together,” says Mayor Ed Lee’s point person on homelessness.  We at Hand2Paw could not agree more!

Suggestions from Foster Kids in Washington State

I read and appreciated this blog post from Ross Hunter, member of the Washington State House of Representatives,  about his meeting with foster youth and foster “alumni.”   The youth, having experienced the “system,” make sometimes remarkably sensible proposals for how to ease the transition from foster care to independence.  Things as simple as ensuring that the planning meeting that is supposed to take place when they are 17 actually takes place and is attended by the youth.  Read about these youth, who call themselves the Mockingbird Society, here.  Maybe you could make sure their suggestions are adopted in your state!